10 Multifunction Tools on the Market


Angler's Mini-Tool

Although it's marketed to fishermen, this Bass Pro Shops tool has plenty of uses for landlubbers. Available in two sizes, it's one of the few multifunction tools that comes equipped with an LED flashlight. It also includes pliers, a wire cutter, saw, straight knife blade, Phillips screwdriver and a combination bottle opener/flat head screwdriver, all packed inside stainless steel handles with a gleaming red finish. A nylon belt sheath and batteries for the LED light are included.

You can add the 6-inch (15.25-centimeter) Angler's Mini-Tool to your tackle or glove box for $9.99. The 4-inch (10-centimeter) version will set you back $7.99 [source: Bass Pro Shops].

Downsizing is big these days. The multi-tool on the next page may be the tiniest tool of all.