10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance


Electric Hand Drill

The electric hand drill may very well be the most overworked of all tools. It doesn't just drill holes; attachments allow it to also polish, sand and grind. Due to its frequent usage, maintenance is especially important. Drill bits should always be sharp. So, either sharpen or replace them when required. If you're using the drill for extended periods of time, allow it to cool down every so often to avoid overheating. Other ways to prevent this problem include keeping the air vents and the motor clean by blowing compressed air on them. Use a toothbrush to remove stubborn, dirty patches from the engine's fan. When you're done using it, wipe down the drill with a clean cloth dampened with a household detergent. Also, you should coat metal surfaces with a light film of oil using a soft cloth to keep these areas clean. If your hand drill is cordless, remember to recharge the batteries when necessary so it's ready when you need it next.