10 Power Tools that Need Maintenance


Chain Saw

Ideal for felling trees or chopping logs, the chain saw is supremely helpful for strenuous projects. It can do a lot if you take care of it. Keep key areas free and clear of debris and dirt particles to ensure the chain saw doesn't lose power, run erratically, overheat or stop working. Specifically, clear blocked fuel cap vents with a toothpick. Clean a paper air filter by tapping it against a hard surface to knock dirt loose. If the filter's made of mesh or other materials, use a screwdriver to disassemble sections of it. Then, wash it with water and a household detergent. Let pieces dry completely before screwing it back together. If the muffler isn't kept clean, it'll also clog. In this case, disconnect the spark plug, drain the fuel tank and unscrew the muffler cover. Replace damaged parts and make sure interior screws are tight. Remove debris with a wire brush, a tool that you can also use to clean engine cooling fins to prevent overheating. Lastly, check your carburetor to make sure it stays calibrated correctly. Otherwise, your chain saw won't start. Check the chain for correct tension and sharpen it as needed so it cuts evenly.