10 Reasons to Telecommute


Saves You Money

Not commuting to work helps the environment along with saving you time, but it can also save you money. While the money that you save will vary depending on your commute, you can calculate your relative savings easily. Just take the average price per gallon of gas, your car's average miles per gallon and then your daily commute distance. For example if you own a 2009 Honda Accord that gets about 24 miles per gallon with combined city and highway driving, and your average weekly commute is about 50 miles, then you could save about $289 a year on gas alone [source: Fueleconomy.gov].

Not having to drive your car to work on a daily basis can help you save money in other ways, too. For example, you likely won't have the number of miles of wear-and-tear on your car. You might also save on parking expenses. Since you aren't in the office, you also might not spend as much on clothing or dry cleaning. And, instead of going out to eat, you even might eat lunch more frugally from your own kitchen [source: Wilsker].