10 Things Your Pool Wishes You Knew

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Make sure you clean the debris in and around your pool before taking that first dip. Photitos 2016/Thinkstock

Sure, swimming is all about the water. So when it's time to open your backyard swimming pool for the season, it makes sense to concentrate on the wet stuff. Or does it? Turns out, the first rule of swimming is one of the most overlooked: cleaning the area around the pool.

Those beautiful annual blooms that withered with the first cold snap? Their leaves have blown all over the pool deck. The same goes for the tree that provided so much shade last year. Be sure to clean up plant debris from flower beds and patios -- as well as the pool deck -- before officially opening your swimming pool. Trim nearby hedges and low-hanging branches. Although these steps take time, clearing the detritus that stands between you and a satisfying dip in the pool will not only save maintenance later, but also will keep your pool's filter from working overtime [source: Swimming Pool].

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