10 Things Your Pool Wishes You Knew

I'm Good for Exercise, Too
You can use weights to perform exercises in the water. Georgiy Pashin/Thinkstock

Spending time at the swimming pool isn't all mojitos and cannonballs. Water is a great way to get a workout. And with a swimming pool right in your backyard, spending some time doing water exercises can pay health dividends in spades.

Swimming is a whole-body exercise that cushions joints from impact. Whether you freestyle or doggy paddle, swimming requires all the major muscle groups and helps build strength while burning calories and increasing cardiovascular endurance. If you don't exercise regularly, start by swimming for 10 minutes and then work up to 30-minute swims, three to five times per week [source: Samataro].

You could also try water aerobics. For instance, by using a paddleboard or foam needle for buoyancy and balance, you can concentrate on leg-toning kicks.

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