10 Things Your Pool Wishes You Knew

Before You Get Frisky, Read This
This couple looks like they're about to commit two swimming pool faux pas: sex in the water -- and in their street clothes! David De Lossy/Getty Images

Making love in a pool may seem to be a rite of passage for couples who have a newly installed swimming pool in the backyard. But there are a few factors to consider before getting your freak on. While bodily fluids won't harm your swimming pool, the same can't be said of chlorinated water and your private parts.

Turns out, having sex in a swimming pool increases the risk of infection and irritation for men and women because penetration can force chemical-laden (and sometimes bacteria-laden) water into orifices. Plus, the water will wash away natural or applied lubricants (which can lead to friction) and oil-based products like tanning oil may cause condoms to break [source: Zimmer].

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