Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home


: The Swiss Army Bathroom

The Vertebrae's features swivel out for use.
The Vertebrae's features swivel out for use.

The refreshing balcony beverages have taken a toll, and you excuse yourself to the bathroom. But this is no ordinary lavatory. A contraption that reminds you of a giant Swiss Army knife stands in for toilet, sink and shower. From the bottom, a sink swivels out, revealing the toilet beneath (which stays in place and empties into the connected plumbing). Storage bins slide out next, and two shower heads are revealed. The bathroom itself is one big tiled room with a drain in the center, allowing you to swivel the showerhead into any position you prefer.

The Vertebrae bathroom unit was designed to fit into small urban apartments, maximizing living space. Featured in the Sony House of Tomorrow in London, it's for sale today. It comes in a wide range of colors and costs about $15,000 (not too bad considering the amount of money room renovations cost). It can be put into a corner and takes up very little space, considering it includes so many bathroom fixtures [source: Design Odyssey].

Up next, we'll encounter a toilet lid that closes on its own accord.