Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home


Woofer Speaker System

This dog barks a bass track.
This dog barks a bass track.
Niels Van Veen/Sander Mulder

As you leave the bathroom, you notice music is playing. In the living room, you find two white German shepherds -- without their heads. They issue booming thuds synchronized with the bass notes over the speaker system.

These Woofer Speakers -- pun intended -- function as any other woofer speakers would, except their dog statue design is suited for a hunting lodge, rec room or pop art studio. Each order comes in sets of two in either black or white for $1,479.00 (free shipping to U.S. and Canada). Designed by Sander Mulder, the Woofers are made from polyester and contain 180-watt speakers [source: Generate].

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