Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home


Pool PC

Why not surf the Internet while you float around your pool?
Why not surf the Internet while you float around your pool?
Net-Gen PC Design Competition

Your neighbor leads you out back to the pool, then jumps in the water, pulls onto a float, and declares it's time to send out for pizza -- via the Internet. The float is equipped with a personal computer.

The Pool PC was designed and invented by Barry Lai Yin Lock for the NextGen PC Design Competition. It's not yet on the market, but this waterproof PC is feasible, made from low-density (floatable) waterproof plastics and solar-powered, which abolishes the need to plug in. While most computers need a fan to keep the processing unit cool, this PC uses the pool water it's floating on to cool it, instead. The touchable user interface eliminates the need for a keyboard, which would create air pockets and places for water to seep in. It includes a GPS device (in case you get lost at sea), Bluetooth wireless and Internet access. Not only that, but it includes a stretchable attachment so that it can fit to any size of pool ring or inner tube.

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