10 Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Room


Add An Interesting Focal Point

As nice as it is to stretch out on your lounge chair and listen to the radio, read a book or peruse the newspaper, eventually, you'll start looking around for other diversions. Birds and butterflies are nice, but you can't really rely on them to arrive on cue or stick around after sunset. What's the solution?

Barring moving the flatscreen outside, there are some outdoor amenities that can keep you amused and delighted until there's frost on the pumpkin. Some of the top favorites are fire pits, fireplaces, fish ponds and illuminated waterfalls. Even if you don't have a fortune to spend on, say, an outdoor pool table, just setting up the grill nearby and watching the grilling expert in the family perform his wizardry has entertainment value -- and at least you won't be the one doing the cooking.

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