10 Ways to Create an Outdoor Living Room


Include Homey Touches

Look around your indoor living room. You'll probably see lots of mementos and decor items designed to stir memories and make your guests feel welcome. Try translating that level of detail to your outdoor spaces, too. To work outdoors, homey touches will have to be all weather and heavy enough to stand up to a stiff breeze. Consider installing a woven grass rug or mat to define the seating area, and then include tables and lamps. Throw in some pots and planters for color and interest. Including decorative, natural elements always works for an outdoor space.

  • shells
  • rocks
  • bamboo screens
  • driftwood accents
  • decorative glass globes
  • carved wooden sculptures
  • wind chimes
  • birdhouse art
  • whirligigs
  • vertical gardens

Choose a theme and get creative.