How 3-in-1 Flashlights Work

3-in-1 Flashlight Combinations

Stanley's 3-in-1 Tripod puts three LED lights into a single package. Each light can be separated from the others.
Stanley's 3-in-1 Tripod puts three LED lights into a single package. Each light can be separated from the others.
Courtesy Stanley Tools

3-in-1 flashlights come in a mind-boggling array of shapes, sizes and configurations. Some products are literally three different colors of lights in one flashlight body; other flashlights merge various light technologies into one unit. If you do a quick Web search, you'll see a wacky range of tools matched with lights, too.

Then there's the Stanley Tools 3-in-1 Tripod LED Flashlight, which combines three individual flashlights into one. You can use the three lights as a single powerful beam, or you can separate each unit for three smaller lights. The product incorporates a tripod and swiveling light heads for an adaptable lighting system that runs on just six AA batteries.

Energizer's 6 LED Headlight has both white and red LEDs mounted into a body that focuses light in three modes: spot, flood and night vision. With the light banded to your forehead, you can quickly cycle through these modes to find light that's appropriate for your current needs. In darkness, the red LED, or night-vision mode, helps you find your way with a low red glow that doesn't affect your low-light vision the way bright white lights do.

Another Energizer flashlight, called the Night Strike, is designed with hunters in mind. This product is loaded with white, red, blue, ultraviolet and green LEDs. The green lights are best for reading maps and tracking game, and UV helps you see without scaring away fish. The blue mode provides light that makes blood easier to see in the dark, so you can find wounded prey.

Flashlights are obviously great for nighttime safety, but the Streetwise 3-in-1 Flashlight Stun Gun takes safety to the level of self-defense. This product looks a lot like a big and sturdy flashlight, and indeed, it uses a bright halogen bulb for illumination. However, it's also equipped with an ear-shattering 130-decibel alarm to frighten would-be attackers. If the sound isn't enough to drive them away, the stun gun capability ought to do the trick. Jab an assailant and he or she'll receive a 600,000-volt surprise.