3 Tips for Backyard Mosquito Control

girl with mosquito bites
Nothing can ruin a summer afternoon in the backyard like a bunch of mosquitoes! dorioconnell/Getty Images

Your yard is all ready for summer parties: The lounge chairs are out, the grill is clean, and the flowers are blooming. But have you figured out how to deal with summer’s most annoying uninvited guests? We're not talking about your nosy neighbor – we're talking about summer's least-loved regulars: Mosquitoes. The tiny bloodsuckers are a hot-weather standard that are difficult to get rid of, although there are some methods that can help you control your yard’s population. Read on to find out how you can take the bite out of uncomfortable summer days and nights with these easy tips for mosquito control.


Eliminate Standing Water

Be sure your yard is free of standing water. That includes your birdbath. It could be a breeding ground for bugs. Bill Boch/Getty Images

Mosquitoes breed in water – the eggs hatch there while the larva and pupa live under the surface – so removing standing water in your backyard means mosquitoes are less likely to make your home their home. The US Environmental Protection Agency suggests clearing out gutters, buckets, outdoor toys, and baby pools, and replacing the water in birdbaths, fountains, and rain barrels every week to keep them fresh. If you have an in-ground pool, regular maintenance – like treatments and circulation – will help dissuade mosquitoes.


Set a Mosquito Trap

mosquito trap
You can also use a simple mosquito trap to trap and kill mosquitoes without any harsh chemicals. U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Michael Battles

Modern mosquito traps aren’t your old-school bug zappers: They lure female mosquitoes via carbon dioxide, and then kill them before they are able to lay their eggs. But do they really work? The American Mosquito Control Association says that research has shown the devices will trap and kill measurable numbers of mosquitoes but your results may vary. In other words, they certainly aren't the magic bullet to solve your mosquito problems. You can find instructions online to how to build a low-tech mosquito trap out of covered buckets, spoiled fruit and a net.


Citronella and Other Sprays

Citronella and mosquito sprays are products you can use on your deck and on your body to try to keep mosquitoes away. shene/Getty Images

The simplest way to keep yourself from ending up with a body full of bites is to make yourself unattractive to the mosquitoes, by using traditional repellents (like those containing permethrin, suggested for use on clothes and gear as opposed to skin, or DEET); wearing long sleeves and long pants; closing gaps in screens and doors to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your house or porch; and burning citronella candles, which work best on days that aren’t too windy. If you’re trying to protect the kids, the American Academy of Pediatrics approves repellents with 30 percent DEET or less for children older than two months.