5 Efficient Features of Top-load Washers

Smooth Operation
Silence is golden when a baby is in the house.
Silence is golden when a baby is in the house.

Top-load washing machines can be a little noisy sometimes, but they rarely have the window rattling potential of front-load washers. A front-load washer can cause lots of vibration and noise during the spin cycle. Some manufacturers even go so far as to recommend their equipment be installed on concrete flooring to keep the shaking to a minimum. Noisy operation may not seem like a deal breaking proposition, but if you have a baby in the house, or your spouse sleeps during the day, the prospect of having a washer that sounds like it's about to taxi down the runway may not be your idea of cutting-edge technology. After all, if manufacturers can use quiet operation as a selling point for dishwashers, shouldn't consumers be able to expect a little peace and quiet in the laundry room, too?

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