5 Features to Look for When You're Buying an Oven

Dual Ovens

Remember last Christmas when you tried to cook the turkey and the pumpkin pie in the same oven at the same time? We've all tried to find a compromise oven temperature setting that worked OK for everything. This kind of in-the-trenches baking can lead to disaster, which is why some of the latest ranges on the market will have you seeing double -- double ovens that is. One oven is roomy enough to accommodate a nice Sunday roast or turkey, while the other is more petite. You can use it for things like cupcakes, appetizers, pies and casseroles. Each oven has its own set of temperature controls for less stress and more efficient meal prep. For a quick heat up, you don't have to spend excess energy warming up the big oven (or overheating your kitchen on a hot day), just use the little guy. It's an energy smart option.