5 Helpful Outdoor Living Products

A Torch or Lantern for Lighting

Some of the best conversations happen after the sun goes down and the temperature cools, when it's too comfortable to go inside. Add a little ambiance to those evenings by equipping your patio, deck, or backyard with a few torches, lanterns or other outdoor lighting to help keep the good times going.

Look for torches made of stainless steel refillable with lamp oil, or metal lanterns of all shapes and sizes to fill with tealights or larger candles. Battery-powered lights are an easy, low maintenance option, or choose an electric lamp or strands of lights designed especially for outdoor use. Eco-friendly solar lights feature panels inside that gather energy during the day and turn on when it gets dark.

Whatever you choose, you're certain to find a style that suits your style and the mood of your outdoor space.

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