5 Innovative Vacuum Cleaner Features


No Bags Needed

Bagless technology has been around a while in light duty stick vacuums, but newer style bagless models have amped up the power with high suction for big jobs like the living room carpet or the man cave.

We'll admit that the idea of bagless vacuuming is appealing. With no bags to buy, these models should be less expensive to operate, right? Well, that notion is a bit deceptive. In a standard vacuum (varieties that don't have special filtration systems), the bag is the filter media. Dirt-laden air passes through the bag back into the room, leaving its load of dust and grit behind. In a bagless vacuum, there is no bag -- but there is an onboard filter that has to be replaced periodically. The replacement schedule will vary from model to model, but it's less frequent than the typical full-bag change out.

With a bagless vacuum, it's easy to see the dust and dirt you've collected, but easy access has its drawbacks. When the time comes to dump the dirt receptacle, it can be tough to pitch the contents without unleashing a cloud of debris that would make Pig-Pin blush. If you love the idea of going bagless, though, it's a good bet you can develop a dumping technique that loses the toxic cloud. It's probably all in the wrist.