5 Most Common Household Pests and How to Control Them


They may not be as large or seem as unappealing as rats, but mice are capable of much more than their size lets on. Even if you don’t see them scurrying through your home, a clear sign that there are mice in the house is their droppings, which resemble oversized coffee grounds. Mice do most of their damage by leaving urine and excrement on household objects and clothing, although they are also known to nibble at books, pillows, and other soft items.

Because mice reproduce as many as ten times each year, it’s essential to manage their population as quickly as possible. In addition to making sure there is no access to food for them inside the home, it is also important to make sure that anything they would consider food (i.e. bird seed) outside the home is also sealed tightly in the garage or surrounding outbuildings. Mice can squeeze through even the smallest gaps so sealing any cracks that may give them entry into the home or garage is also essential. Homeowners can also place traps, rodenticides, or glue boards to capture and kill the mice.

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