5 Must-haves for a Home Office


Space - Carving Out a Workspace

Ah, the joys of having enough room to keep everything in order. Although this is a dream for many, a little judicious organization can make a small space seem larger. Even if your home office is more like a home shoebox, making the most of what you've got is the key to a more productive workday.

Try these tips for maximizing the space you have and streamlining your workflow:

  • Stack electronic equipment that doesn't vent through the top.
  • Label cords to help keep them sorted and easy to identify.
  • Invest in file storage.
  • Keep track of the stuff you can pitch by tagging files, brochures and reference materials with a colored expiration sticker.
  • Exploit the wall space.
  • Organize your space to complement the way you work.

If you don't have a whole room to yourself, you can still make your space feel like a distinct and separate spot by creating a barrier between you and the rest of the room. You can do this with plants, furniture or a screen. The goal here is to define the space you do have. Once you've established a boundary, it will be easier to treat the space as a home office instead of a haphazard work area. Marking your territory will also come in handy when you don't want to be disturbed.

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