5 Must-haves for a Home Office


If you have a home office, you might have a shredder, probably have a printer and almost certainly have a computer. You may love or hate it, but there's no doubt that having access to a computer is one of the key reasons that people are doing more work remotely.

Computers and their electronic brethren have opened up new avenues of communication that make it immaterial whether the person on the other end of a discussion is in the next room or another hemisphere. Not only that, computers offer a wealth of tools in the form of software that help us create, collaborate, control, monitor and analyze.

In 1943, Thomas Watson, the chairman of IBM, said, "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." In the intervening years, we've seen changes that would have astonished Mr. Watson and still astonish a generation of folks who thought that the invention of the television set was a neat trick [source: Behar].

The world of computers and related peripherals is always changing. Look at how quickly technology went from the floppy to the thumb drive. Consider the popularity of online software solutions or the potential for video communication. Today, you probably work with a desktop, notebook or netbook, but tomorrow, who knows?

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