10 Patio Decorating Ideas


Adding Personality

Outdoor living should appeal to the senses and help relax and refresh you. To create a focal point and get a feng shui vibe going in your space, consider adding a water feature to the area around your patio. A stream with its own bridge or a pond, bird bath or fountain will supply you with the soothing sound and sparkle of water that'll put you in touch with nature. Just remember to keep your water-focused addition in scale with the rest of the landscape.

When dealing with outdoor spaces, texture is your friend. Lattice work, pots made of unusual materials like hypertufa, bamboo curtains and wrought iron all help create an interesting mood. Even ferns when juxtaposed with sturdier broad leaf plants will offer a filigree of green that's eye-catching and memorable.

Lavish color is also always an enhancement to outdoor spaces, too. If you're dealing with a plain concrete slab, brighten it up with painted benches and some colorful throw pillows.