10 Patio Decorating Ideas



Spruce up your patio by adding flowers, potted plants and other foliage to your outdoor space. A simple herb garden can double as patio greenery, and it'll be easy to maintain, too. Visit your local garden center and ask which varieties of plants thrive in your area. Cacti and succulents do well in warm, dry conditions, and other popular patio flowers, like pansies, are best potted in rich soil and kept outside during warmer months.

Be creative with the plants you choose, and combine various colors and textures in a single pot to make a unique arrangement. Use pots in various shapes and sizes, and recycle unused household items, like wooden crates and metal washtubs to serve as new homes for your arrangements. Instead of displaying plants on a traditional plant stand, place them on the steps of an old wooden ladder or inside an antique high chair to create height. Your patio space will be green, lively and have a personality all its own.