5 Patio Gardens

No grass to grow your lovely flowers? You don't need it! See more annual flower pictures.

Bringing life to a patio with garden plants is a natural way to integrate your landscape with your outdoor living space. If you have a tiny yard (or no yard at all), a patio garden can also be an easy way to start a vegetable patch, flower garden or herb collection when space is at a premium. By adding color and interest to your outdoor room, you can enjoy the advantages of having a garden without all the kneeling and stooping involved in maintaining garden beds.

Patio gardens employ flower boxes, hanging baskets and flower pots to house plants instead of rooting them directly into the ground. Sometimes patio gardens also use the soil margins around the perimeter of the patio as part of the garden. This may seem limiting, but it doesn't have to be. Containers add height and interest to patio design and can be wonderfully decorative when planted out with a good selection of flowers and shrubs. Life in a pot can be good for the plants, too. Although you'll have to address some basic maintenance issues, pot plants can be as healthy and colorful as their ground growing counterparts.

Let's take a look at five patio gardens that are sure to make the view from your window a welcoming sight. Whether you want to start a vegetable patch or grow tall, screening plants to add some much-needed privacy, we have a few suggestions that will make your patio a great spot for plants and people to enjoy.