5 Patio Gardens


Culinary Herb Garden

For the dedicated cook or budding herbalist, growing herbs is an inexpensive, organic and effective way to ensure a steady supply of everything from sage for the holiday goose to peppermint for the occasional stomach upset. Most herbs are also very easy to grow. They typically thrive in poor soil and look good doing it. This makes them a great addition to a patio garden.

Whether you want fragrance, flavor or attractive appearance, you'll find a collection of herbs that fit the bill. We love culinary herb gardens that include creeping thyme set into the cracks and crevices in old paving stones. Add some rosemary, a bushy oregano plant, basil, dill and cilantro, and your patio garden will be able to provide seasoning for summer salads, salsa, pesto, kabobs (use the rosemary stems as skewers) and some killer appetizers.