5 Reasons to Look Inside an Oven Before You Buy It


The Glass Window

Buying an oven with a solid door front means that every time you want to check a dish for doneness, you have to open the door. If you're baking cookies, checking them often can add extra minutes to the cooking time. Multiply that by a few batches, and you have a lot of energy waste and a very hot kitchen. Instead, consider investing in an oven with a glass window insert. You'll be able to check on your dishes as they cook, admire them a little and still keep the heat inside where it belongs.

Glass oven doors are easier to clean than they used to be, too. Cleansers designed for glass topped ranges are formulated to cut the grease and grime, which can go a long way toward making your oven glass a magical window that will stay tidy and help you become a more energy-efficient baker.