5 Ways Double Ovens Make Life Easier

Culinary Customization

Burger King may have coined the phrase "Have It Your Way" but that's exactly what the double oven does for your cooking. When you have two ovens, you can prepare meals exactly how you want them in whatever mode you want -- broil, roast, steam or bake. The world is your oyster, and you can cook that oyster any way you want!

Here's another bonus: If you've ever tried to cook a meatloaf at 400 degrees and a broccoli casserole at 325, it's a mathematical headache, determining the correct time and temperature to accommodate two recipes in the same space. A double oven solves this problem. Cook each dish in a separate oven, and when they're finished, you can switch one oven to warming mode and keep on cooking in the other.

With a double oven, you have the ability to create and customize meals.

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