Top 5 Ways to Make My Office More Sustainable


Improve Office Efficiency with New Technology

More energy-efficient technology can make a big difference in your company's bottom line. Information technology energy costs alone add up to nearly $8 billion a year in the United States.

Office laptops provide optimal efficiency by using five times less energy than a desktop computer. You can also take them home, which means working from home at least part of the week and saving fossil fuels on a reduced commute.

Your best bet is a small, Energy Star-labeled laptop with built-in energy saving components so that when your laptop is in the off, idle or on position, it consumes the least amount of energy possible.

The same goes for copiers, fax machines and computer printers. All of this equipment should abide by Energy Star standards. Looking for the Energy Star label on copying machines and fax machines means saving 40 percent on overall efficiency.

Many offices are also installing smart technology that turns off lighting and power when employees aren't in the room. Some offices have lights that turn off if they don't sense movement for an extended period of time. Office refreshment machines can even be controlled by smart technology. But easy upgrades like switching to energy-efficient lighting and turning off lights when leaving the office, meeting rooms, lounge or bathroom make a significant difference.

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