Top 5 Ways to Make My Office More Sustainable

Go Paper-free at the Office

Not only do we waste tons of trees by printing unnecessarily, we also waste the energy in processing and manufacturing immense amounts of printer paper. This is true even if you use recycled paper because the recycling process also uses energy. The best policy is to reduce paper consumption.

You can avoid printing out notes at meetings by putting them up on an overhead projector or PowerPoint display and encourage employee note-taking. That way you don't waste countless sheets of paper on a book of notes that will likely get thrown in the trash.

Use an e-mail signature that advocates an office policy against e-mail printing. It could read "please print e-mails responsibly" or "please take the planet into account when printing e-mails." Avoiding e-mail printouts translates into inter-office paper conservation while also reminding anyone you e-mail to think twice before pressing print.

Instead of making copies in the office, scan files into your computer. Scanning papers is actually safer than having paper copies because paper copies can get lost or damaged more easily. Backing up files in various places on your computer, as well as encrypting very important data is safer than backing up with paper copies. Encrypting office files with simple PC software changes the format so that they can't be read. Locking confidential paper files becomes unnecessary.

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