Top 5 Ways to Make My Office More Sustainable

Telecommute Whenever Possible

Commuting often uses a large chunk of your carbon footprint. That's why telecommuting is possibly the most significant way to reduce environmental impact. In the quest to reduce office overhead, more workplaces are going virtual. New technology makes working from home easier than ever. You can have full access to your office by logging onto your PC at home.

Business air travel is the least sustainable mode of transportation. In fact, a typical cross-country flight releases 2,200 pounds (997.9 kg) of carbon per passenger. That's the equivalent of more than a quarter of your allotted annual carbon footprint if you’re working toward a responsible goal of 4 tons. Teleconferencing makes business travel and needless in-person meetings outdated.

Today, thanks to modern phone and online conferencing technology, virtual meetings are simple. Follow a PowerPoint presentation remotely online. Ask questions in real time and follow along as a supervisor updates you via video conferencing. Modern technology equals less lag time, minimized sound distortion and better overall picture on your PC.

Teleconferencing services are less expensive than ever; in many cases, they're free of charge. You can receive constant company updates via video chatting, which enables person-to-person employee communication from anywhere.

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