4 Fun Ways to Add Personal Flair to Your Lawn

3. Shine Some Light

Light up your lawn with any one or more outdoor lighting techniques. Accentuate gardens, fountains, landscaping or any of your vintage sculptures or stepping stones with uplights, downlights, backlighting, solar or low voltage lights. Light the path entrance to your house or illuminate a way through your garden. Most hardware or home retail outlets should carry these types of outdoor lighting; design your own lighting scheme or find a friend to help. Make sure you enlist the expert help of an electrician, though, if you are dealing with wiring or complicated outdoor electrical patterns.

For a party or just for an overall festive feel, hang outdoor twinkle or party lights in trees, shrubs or along fences, railings and trellises. Paper lanterns, Tiki torches or metal lanterns can be fun focal points and left up all day long as an extra decorative touch. For ideas and products, search "party lights" on the Internet.