4 Fun Ways to Add Personal Flair to Your Lawn

4. Create Your Own Steps

Keep your yard art on the "down low" by putting it in the ground. How? A popular craft right now is designing your own stepping-stones. Here's how to do it:


  • ready-mix cement
  • newspaper
  • a container to shape your stones (like the top of a cake container from the grocery store or a box)
  • decorative pieces like stained glass, sea glass, broken china, bottle caps, beads, shells or whatever pieces work for your taste.

Look on the Internet for a variety of beautiful materials to work with. If you're using a paper container to make your stone, line the container with plastic wrap to keep water from seeping through.


  1. Mix the cement according to the manufacturer's instructions and pour the cement into your stepping stone container. Two inches thick is about right for a stepping stone.
  2. Before the cement dries, embellish your stone with the decorative pieces. Some people like a random look; others craft a name or an image with the pieces. It's your yard, so it's your choice!
  3. Wait 24 hours for the cement to dry and remove the stepping stone.
  4. Place in your yard as you see fit. You could line a path to the backyard, create a tiny grouping or create a walkway through a garden.