Allegheny Foamflower

Allegheny foamflower is an eastern North American wildflower is native to rich moist woodlands. It does equally well in similar conditions in culture.

Description of allegheny foamflower: Allegheny foamflower is a spreading, 6- to 12-inch high perennial with broad, heart-shaped leaves that are lobed and toothed along the edges. The leaves are a bright green and are clothed in soft hairs. The unbranching flower stems are fingerlike and covered with a hazy cloud of white (rarely pink) flowers for about six weeks in the spring. It is deciduous in colder climates but partly to entirely evergreen in warmer zones. The foliage develops burgundy markings in the fall and often turns a beautiful bronze. The plant spreads by stolons, forming a dense carpet. Ease of care of allegheny foamflower: Easy.

Growing allegheny foamflower: This plant does well in rich, moist, slightly acidic soils, thriving in light shade. It will grow well in deep shade but not as thickly.

Propagating allegheny foamflower: By division or seed.

Uses for allegheny foamflower: Allegheny foamflower is a perfect choice for planting in deciduous woods because it competes well with shallow-rooted trees as long as the soil remains slightly moist. It is a good choice for borders and makes an excellent, thick ground cover.

Related Species of allegheny foamflower: Tiarella cordifolia collina (formerly called T. wherryi ) is similar but has pinkish flowers and does not form runners. T. unifoliata has simple, palmately-lobed leaves. T. trifoliata has compound leaves with three distinct leaflets.

Scientific name of allegheny foamflower: Tiarella cordifolia

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