What can you use angled needle-nose pliers for?

Needle-nose pliers come in different sizes and models. They're made of forged tool steel with plastic-coated handles. They can be long and narrow or angled at the tip. Like long needle-nose pliers, angled pliers are used to reach into tight, cramped spaces where fingers don't stand a chance. Pliers with angled tips are specially designed to access the tightest corners. The jaws of the pliers usually have serrated edges for a better grip.

The pliers can cut medium-strength and hard wire.


Although needle-nose pliers are considered an electrician's tool, they're also used for making jewelry: They're perfect for forming wire loops and gripping tiny pieces, as well as cutting wire and tucking ends of wires into beads. Angled pliers are good for any situation where the space is small and cramped and when there are other kinds of obstacles to circumvent.