Anguloa Uniflora Orchid

Anguloa uniflora (boat orchid, tulip orchid) was named in honor of Don Francisco de Angulo, Director-General of Mines, in Peru, at the end of the 18th century.

Anguloa Uniflora Orchid
Anguloa Uniflora Orchid

A terrestrial orchid from the Colombian Andes, Anguloa uniflora is about 18 to 24 inches tall with thin pleated leaves above conical pseudobulbs. The large, fragrant, creamy-white, waxy flower grows on a single stem that rises from the base of the pseudobulbs. The lip is hinged and, when insects enter to remove nectar, they are shoved against the column to help in pollination.

The tulip orchid usually blooms in the spring and in the summer. It prefers intermediate to cold temperatures and shade. It should be kept evenly moist. It needs less water in winter. To encourage flowering, watering should be decreased after it has finished its growth.

Orchid Types

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