Annual Gardens

Annual gardens can brighten your exterior with beautiful flowers. Learn how to plan and plant annual gardens.


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Dahlberg Daisy, Golden Fleece

Dahlberg daisy, or golden fleece, is a charming little annual plant with sunny flowers. This species of daisy bears many golden-yellow, upright flowers measuring a half an inch in diameter. Learn about the golden fleece.

Dusty Miller

Dusty miller is an annual flower used for several additional similar, silvery types of plants. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil, though they grow in lightly shaded areas. Learn about dusty miller.

Gazania, Treasure Flower

Gazania, or treasure flower, is a South African annual flower that likes hot, dry summers. Gardeners treasure its daisy-like flowers. Gazanias grow in rosette form with attractive notched leaves. Learn about ganzania.

Geranium, Zonal

The geranium, zonal, is a South African annual flower with a horseshoe-shaped band of dark leaf color. You can grow it in the garden or as a house plant. Find out about the zonal geranium.

Globe Amaranth

Globe amaranth is a tropical annual flower with small, cloverlike, papery flowers that continually bloom throughout summer. Globe amaranth can grow up to two feet. Learn more about globe amaranth.

Heliotrope, Cherry Pie

The Heliotrope, or cherry pie, is an annual flower with an alluring fragrance. Flowers bloom in splendid clusters of deep blue, white, violet, and lavender, and are great for rock gardens. Find out about heliotrope.

Impatiens, Busy Lizzie, Patience

Impatiens, busy lizzie or patience, is an annual flower in many colors. It has a tidy, mounding form and self-cleaning flowers. It's an ideal low-maintenance plant. Learn about the impatiens.


Lantana is an annual flower abundantly covered through the summer with brightly colored blossoms. This woody shrub comes in white, yellow, gold, orange, and red flowers an is a great container plant. Learn about lantana.

Lavatera, Rose Mallow

Lavatera, or rose mallow, is an annual flower that is related to both hibiscus and hollyhock. Rose mallow grows to three to five feet by the end of summer. Learn more about lavatera.

Lisianthus, Prairie Gentian

Lisianthus, or prairie gentian, is an annual with roselike flowers. Each blossom lasts for several weeks, and plants bloom nonstop. Forever Blue is an award winning variety. Learn more about lisianthus.


Lobelia is an annual flower known for the intense blue provided by certain varieties. Lobelias are great for rock gardens and among the best as container plants. Learn about lobelia.


Marigold is an annual flower that blooms well over a long season. American marigolds can be tall, up to 36 inches. French marigolds, or triploids, are bushier and more compact. Learn about the marigold.


The melampodium is an annual flower with bright green leaves that have many yellow, daisylike flowers peering forth all summer long. Plants are exceptionally tidy looking at all times. Learn more about this flower.


Nasturtium is an annual flower that is popular as an introduction to gardening. Salad lovers enjoy the peppery tang of nasturtium leaves and its edible flowers among their greens. Learn about nasturtium.

Nicotiana, Flowering Tobacco

Nicotiana, or flowering tobacco, is an annual flower related to the tobacco plants of commerce. Flower colors include white, pink, maroon, lavender, green, red, and yellow. Learn more about nicotiana.

Nierembergia, Cup Flower

Nierembergia is an annual flower known as the cup flower. Though rarely used, it refers to the shape of the flower, which is somewhat like an open-faced bowl. Learn more about the nierembergia.

Nigella, Love-in-a-Mist

Nigella, or love-in-a-mist, is an annual flower with threadlike foliage. Easily grown blossoms in soft colors have a delicate look and seedpods are used in flower arrangements. Learn more about the nigella.

Pansy, Viola

Pansies, and violas are annual flowers related to violets. These plants bloom during cool seasons of the year. In the Deep South, they are used for winter bedding. Learn about pansies and violas.


Perilla is an annual flower known for its frilly purple leaves. They're easy to grow and self-sow all over the place. Resembling purple basil, perilla plants grow up to three feet. Learn more about perilla.


Petunia is an annual flower that has captivated breeders with its funnel-shaped flowers. The colors go from pink through red, lavender, purple, peach, white, cream, and even yellow. Learn more about garden petunias.

Portulaca, Moss Rose

Portulaca, or moss rose, is an annual flower with sunny flower colors combined with a toughness to make it a natural for difficult garden sites and a great container plant. Learn about portulaca.

Salvia, Scarlet Sage

Salvia, or scarlet sage, is an annual flower best known for its spiky form and bright red flowers. It is dependable in full sun or partial shade with equal ease. Learn more about scarlet sage.

Sanvitalia, Creeping Zinnia

Sanvitalia is an annual flower that although not a true zinnia, has enough resemblance to be called creeping zinnia. Golden-yellow flowers bloom nonstop all summer until frost. Learn more about this flower.

Shirley Poppy

Shirley poppy is an annual flower known for glowing in the sunlight. With large, silky blooms atop straight stems, the shirley poppy is desirable in the garden. Learn more about this flower.


Snapdragon is an annual flower that children can snap open the flowers like puppets. Snapdragons endure cool weather and are planted for winter colors in mild-winter areas. Learn more about this winter flower.







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