Annual Plants

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Want to change the entire look of your garden without bulldozing the whole thing? Try annual plants. They grow quickly, are easy to maintain, and can provide a carpet of color that instantly transforms a garden into something new. Their short lifespan can even be a boon to the adventurous gardener, since when they die out, you can bring in another batch of annuals and create a whole new look. With careful planning, you can use annuals like an artist uses paint, altering the look of the painting with every stroke.

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Annual plants can be found already grown and ready for planting, or in the form of seeds that you will need to cultivate. Check with the folks at your local garden center to see which ones will work best for you, but a quick glance at these articles should give you some helpful ideas for selecting annuals to enhance your garden.

  • Annual Flowers are useful for temporary displays, or for simply adding a burst of color.
  • Annual Herbs can create a unique fragrance, or be grown for use in seasonal cooking.
  • Annual Grasses and Foliage reflect the season by creating a unique setting for more permanent plants and flowers.

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