Annuals for Full Shade

By: Sue Loellbach

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Some areas in a garden receive almost no sunshine. These areas are considered to be fully or deeply shaded, and there is a limited number of plants that will thrive in them. If you plant flowers that require a lot of sun in a fully shaded spot, you'll be disappointed in the lack of blooms. However, some plants, like impatiens, bloom well in deeply shaded areas.

Some plants do very well in partial shade and in full shade, as well as in full sunlight. If you think an area in your garden gets a little sunlight but you're not sure it's enough, try a plant, like the wax begonia, that is adaptable to varying light conditions.


This page includes links to the annuals that do best in full and partial shade. We've also included links to annuals that do well in varying light conditions. Check with your garden center for advice on which annuals will do best in your location.Full Shade and Partial Shade Annuals:

Full Shade, Full Sun, and Part Shade Annuals:

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