Arrowhead Vine

By: Larry Hodgson

Arrowhead vine begins to climb with age, along withchanging its leaf shape. See more pictures of house plants.

Young arrowhead vines have upward-growing stems and arrow-shaped leaves. As they age, they take on a climbing habit, and the leaves slowly become multilobed. Many varieties have white, silver, or pink markings on the upper leaf surface.

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This plant is as easy to grow as a heartleaf philodendron, which it resembles in its adult phase. It can be trained up a moss form to make an attractive floor plant or allowed to cascade from a hanging basket.


Arrowhead Vine Quick Facts:

Scientific Name:Syngonium podophyllum (Nephthytis)

Common Names: Arrowhead Vine, Arrowhead Plant

Light Requirement for Arrowhead Vine: Bright Light to Light Shade

Water RequirementforArrowhead Vine: Drench, Let Dry

HumidityforArrowhead Vine: High

TemperatureforArrowhead Vine: House

FertilizerforArrowhead Vine: Balanced

Potting MixforArrowhead Vine: All-Purpose

PropagationofArrowhead Vine: Stem Cuttings

Decorative UseforArrowhead Vine: Floor, Hanging Basket, Table

Care RatingforArrowhead Vine: Very Easy


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