Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern: House Plant

The asparagus fern's star-shaped flowers turn into pretty red and purple berries.

Similar to the outdoor version, the asparagus fern house plant's new fronds look just like skinny asparagus shoots. The trailing-to-climbing stems bear numerous tiny, needlelike growths. The occasional white, star-shaped flowers are relatively insignificant, but turn into attractive red to purple berries.

The asparagus fern has the annoying habit of losing its needles if mistreated. Let it soak in water; otherwise it will not get enough moisture. You may need a hatchet to divide its thick, woody roots.

Asparagus Fern Quick Facts:

Scientific Name: Asparagus species

Common Name: Asparagus Fern

Light Requirement for Asparagus Fern: Bright Light to Filtered Light

Water Requirement for Asparagus Fern: Evenly Moist

Humidity for Asparagus Fern: Average Home

Temperature for Asparagus Fern: Cool

Fertilizer for Asparagus Fern: Balanced

Potting Mix for Asparagus Fern: All-Purpose

Propagation of Asparagus Fern: Division, Seed

Decorative Use for Asparagus Fern: Hanging Basket, Table

Care Rating for Asparagus Fern: Easy

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