Backyard Renovation: Barbeque and Spa Area


Tile and Stucco the Barbecue Area

To complete the unfinished barbecue-bar, the first task is to trim and level the concrete foundation. To do this, use a grinder to smooth out uneven spots and imperfections in the concrete surface. Then, begin the stucco base all around the patio. Once finished, lay the new tile on the countertops. Always make certain you pre-fit the tiles to plan the layout. For a multilevel bar, lay tiles on the lower levels first, and work upward. In the same manner, first cement in the tiles around the perimeter, then work from the center outward. Always use a wet saw when cutting a lot of tile and double-check the fit before placing. Also use strips of tape to hold the tiles while the mortar sets. Last, finish the tile with grout. Mix the grout powder and water. Hold the grout float at a 45-degree angle as you spread it over the tiles.