How to Make a Bamboo Candelabra

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Author's Note: How to Make a Bamboo Candelabra

Craftiness sneaks up on you. A few years ago, I ranked among the top 10 un-craftiest individuals in the Northern Hemisphere. But then we bought a house. And when you are a homeowner of humble means (but ironically high tastes) you need to improvise. Together with my wife — another crafting rookie — we've cobbled together some more-than-passable attempts at homemade home decor. The latest is a bathroom window screen made from a square of colorful fabric dangling between two wooden rods. If you look too closely, you'll spot the uneven stitching, but if you're a normal person, it looks great. Personally, I have no need for a bamboo candelabra, but I could see its Pier 1 appeal. With three little kids, I try not to bring anything flammable within 50 yards of the house.

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