What's the best type of torque wrench to use for headlights?

Mechanical and automotive jobs often entail working in small tight spaces and require accuracy and precision, including when you tighten fasteners. Fasteners can easily be damaged if tightened incorrectly or forcefully, and this in turn can damage the component being assembled or attached. Torque wrenches that need to be constantly checked are almost impossible to read in these situations. To install or repair a headlight unit, you have to take care not to apply too much torque force so as not to damage the bolts or the unit. Overtightening or under-tightening can cause the headlight to crack or become inoperable, so accurate measurements are important. The best torque wrench for this kind of work is the kind that you can preset to a specific torque value, with a high degree of precision and an indicator that will sound when the set torque value is reached.

The most convenient type of torque wrench to use for any type of automotive application is the click torque wrench. This type of torque wrench is a precision tool that makes a clicking sound when it reaches the set torque value; it’s designed to achieve accurate force without having to visually read a dial or indicator while working. This type of torque wrench is easy to use and very accurate as long as it remains calibrated. The click torque wrench must always be set back to zero after every use, so that it stays calibrated for the next job. It’s important to know in advance the manufacturer’s specifications for pressure applied to the bolts you use so that the torque can be set accordingly. A simple and relatively inexpensive beam wrench has a scale indicator that is difficult to use in auto maintenance, but an electronic torque wrench gives a digital readout and beeps when reaching the preset torque.