Big Blue Lily Turf

By: C. Colston Burrell Big blue lily turf is a perennial flower that comes in See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Big blue lily turf is a grasslike plant belonging to the lily family. It is often used as a low-maintenance ground cover in institutional landscapes. The genus name is derived from Liriope, who was the mother of Narcissus.

Description of big blue lily turf: Firm, evergreen, grasslike leaves, often over 1 foot long, grow in tufts. They produce terminal spikes of small flowers that bloom in late summer with violet or dark blue flowers, which are followed by glossy black seeds. Ease of care: Easy.


Growing big blue lily turf: Liriopes respond well to any good, well-drained garden soil either in sun or shade. They require no special care.

Propagating big blue lily turf: By division in early spring.

Uses for big blue lily turf: Liriopes are unexcelled as a ground cover. They are also excellent along paths and walkways or massed in the front of a border, where their evergreen leaves are attractive in the fall and winter.

Big blue lily turf related varieties: Christmas Tree has larger-than-type lavender flowers on 8-inch plants; Majestic grows to a 15-inch height with large, deep lilac flowers; and Monroe's White is 12 inches high with white flowers.

Scientific name of big blue lily turf: Liriope muscari


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