Birch Tree Mural

Give your garden an upgrade with a birch tree forest mural.
Give your garden an upgrade with a birch tree forest mural.

Do you have a garden that needs an artistic touch? You don't need a professional artist, you need this project! Create an abstract birch tree forest mural to hang around the garden using canvas, a cut wood stencil and spray paint.

For this project you'll need canvas drop cloths, spray paint in charcoal and an accent color, grommets, a tie line, scissors, a sewing machine, thin Luan or plywood, and a jigsaw.


  1. Begin by creating the canvases. Decide how many panels to place around the yard. Cut the dropcloths to the appropriate size.
  2. Hem the edges so they don't fray.
  3. Attach grommets to the corners of the panels and the space between the ends of the panels. The size of the panels will determine how many grommets will be needed.
  4. Now that the panels are complete, it's time to create the stencil. For this project, use a negative stencil. You will paint the background (or negative space) a color and let the image (or positive space) show the natural color of the canvas.
  5. Find an image of a birch tree. Notice the horizontal stripes along the tree. This is the look that will be abstracted. On a sheet of Luan or plywood, draw in three different sized, vertical rectangles about 4 inches apart. Cut out the rectangles using a jigsaw.
  6. Next, use the jigsaw and cut horizontal lines along the Luan strips created by the rectangles. These cut-ins will act as the markings along the bark of the birch. Do not cut all the way through or the stencil will fall apart. Make sure to leave about an inch of space when cutting in the horizontal lines.
  7. The final stencil should almost look like telephone poles or totem poles. Remember, this is the background image.
  8. Place the stencil on the canvas panel and begin spray painting it black.
  9. Work along the panel until it is covered. Space the stencils at different intervals to create a more artistic statement. When finished, it should look like a birch forest at night.
  10. To add an accent color, shift the stencils about a ½ inch from their original location and spray paint using a bright color. Now that the panels are complete, hang them along the perimeter of the garden. Use a tie line through the grommets to attach to your fence.