Provides a Comprehensive Overview of the Avian Flu

ATLANTA (October 21, 2005) - Award-winning and widely recognized as a leading source for clear, unbiased and reliable information, HowStuffWorks, unravels Avian Flu in their newest content feature How Bird Flu Works. Avian flu is a highly infectious disease that has blasted through the Asian bird population and has now reached Eastern Europe. Humans are not easily infected by the virus; however, more than half of the people who have contracted it have died. Although there are currently countless warnings in the media, most people do not fully understand the details surrounding the virus and how it is contracted.

HowStuffWorks helps break down the avian virus and how it works using a style that is easy for anyone to understand. From the origin of the virus strain in a bird to entry into the human respiratory system and finally into the blood, HowStuffWorks describes every step of the process, the symptoms and the necessary precautions that should be taken to protect yourself.

Tom Harris, HowStuffWorks' Editorial Director, commented, "We want to equip people across the globe with information about how the bird flu works. The many stories and warnings that are streaming across the media beg the question of what is this new pandemic and how can I protect myself? We developed this feature to help educate people and answer some of those questions."

To access this feature, visit HowStuffWorks is completely free, appropriate for all ages and does not require any form of registration.

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