Boston Fern

By: Larry Hodgson

Boston fern is easily recognized by its frilly fronds. Seemore pictures of house plants.

The Boston fern bears apple-green, swordlike fronds that arch gracefully down around its pot. It also yields numerous slender, furry runners that produce new plants at their tips. There are many varieties of Boston fern, most with frilly or lacy fronds. Still others are golden in color.

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Older fronds turn yellow and should be removed with care so as not to damage the delicate young fronds. The plant looks especially attractive when grown on a pedestal.


Boston Fern Quick Facts:

Scientific Name:Nephrolepis exaltata Bostoniensis

Common Name: Boston Fern

Light Requirement for Boston Fern: Bright Light

Water RequirementforBoston Fern: Evenly Moist

HumidityforBoston Fern: High

TemperatureforBoston Fern: House to Cool

FertilizerforBoston Fern: Balanced

Potting MixforBoston Fern: All-Purpose

PropagationofBoston Fern: Division, Layering

Decorative UseforBoston Fern: Hanging

Care RatingforBoston Fern: Easy


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