Brassavola Orchid

Some of the easiest orchids to grow indoors are found in the Brassavola group. The genus Brassavola was named after Antonio Musa Brassavola, a Venetian nobleman and botanist. The plants come from Central and South America.

Brassavola Orchid
Brassavola Orchid

Brassavola cucullata has greenish sepals and petals and a creamy fringed lip. Brassavola nodosa (lady of the night) has similar coloring, but the white lip has a large point. The flowers are fragrant at night, bloom on and off during the year, and last longer than a month on the plant.

Epiphytic with sympodial growth, Brassavola have stemlike pseudobulbs, terete leaves, and do not grow much higher than ten inches. They prefer intermediate to warm temperatures and bright light. These beauties are tough and can take direct sun. Drench and let dry.

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