Bulbophyllum Lobbii Orchid

Bulbophyllum lobbii is one of about 2000 species in the genus. The generic name comes from “bolbos; bulb” and “phyllum; leaf,” and refers to the thick leaves. Bulbophyllum lobbii is an epiphyte from the Far East.

Bulbophyllum Lobbii Orchid
Bulbophyllum Lobbii Orchid

Bulbophyllum lobbii has two inch, egg-shaped pseudobulbs with a single leaf. The plant is usually under twelve inches tall. The fragrant, single, four inch flower is buff with a yellowish lip. When touched by an insect, the mobile lip trips inward and the insect is forced down into the flower. Pollination occurs when the insect exits and the process is repeated.

This plant blooms in late spring and summer. Bulbophyllum lobbii prefers cool to cold temperatures, filtered light, and to be kept evenly moist.

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