Calibanus hookerii

Calibanus hookerii, a type of cactus from Mexico, is an interesting looking plant that is related to the agaves. It has tuberous roots and grasslike leaves.

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Calibanus hookerii cactus is a tough plant that can stay in the same pot for a number of years.
Calibanus hookerii. See more pictures of cacti.

A very tolerant plant, it prefers bright light but will take less. It needs heavy soil with excellent drainage and circulating dry air.

It is a tough plant. Having been bred to endure dry air and drought, it will survive for years in less than ideal conditions. However, it cannot cope too well with humid air, overwatering and too much fertilizer. It can stay in the same pot for a number of years since it prefers to be a bit rootbound. To keep it in shape, give it benign neglect.

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